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Image by Julia Koblitz

AID ELISpot Readers

ELISpot is now widely used as a method to determine cytokine secretion, especially in vaccine development. The antigen-specific secretion of IFN-gamma also is used for diagnostic procedures.

ELISpot Classic

This is the classic AID EliSpot Reader type. The device is fast, efficient, user-friendly and has become one of the most successful EliSpot Reader Systems on the market.​


 iSpot ELISpot/FluoroSpot

The AID iSpot allows analyzing Enzymatic and fluorescent (FluoroSpot) based EliSpot assays. Besides the functionality of the AID Classic, the AID iSpot allows to analyze 1-, 2- or even 3-color FluoroSpot assays

iSpot Spectrum

The AID iSpot Spectrum is equipped with a 7&1 filter wheel, which allows for up to 7 individual narrow band, hard coated fluorescent filters, whilst still allowing for our “one-click switch” to analyze enzymatic EliSpot assays.


vSpot Spectrum

The vSpot combines different plate formats with the capability of reading fluorescence assays. The AID vSpot Spectrum can handle a variety of different assay types including Viral Plaque Assays, Neutralization Assays and Colony Counting.​

MultiSpot Spectrum

The AID multiSpot fulfills probably all needs in a modern immunology lab. Equipped with a combined EliSpot/FluoroSpot module for counting and interpreting enzymatic as well as fluorescent EliSpot assays this device also comes with an automated microscope.


iSpot Robot/FluroSpot

Designed for high throughput and traceable results. This is the ultimate tool for large groups of samples.  The AID iSpot Robot copes with up to 30 plates in one automated, walk-away process and will analyze them in less than 90 minutes.

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