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Lab Experiments




At Resolving Images, we have built a reputation of over 17 years in the scientific community. We pride ourselves on rapid responses to orders and enquiries.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, we service the Australian and New Zealand research communities. Resolving Images is the biggest distributor of ELISpot kits, ELISpot reagents, and ELISpot readers in the region.


Our mission is to provide the local research community with the highest quality products for the most affordable cost. With over 25 years of research experience, our founder was able to identify a market need for fast, reliable products, and establish a business to address them.

We pride ourselves on establishing personal connections with clients and our ability to gain a thorough understanding of their unique requirements, all while delivering top-tier equipment and reagents.



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Founder & Owner

Jim has over 25-years research experience in molecular biology and immunology and has held several senior University appointments.

He is here to ensure your experiments go as smoothly as possible.

Sales Director

Jane is a seasoned sales director who excels in  revenue generation and overseeing office operations at a high level.
She is here to make sure your needs are met with precision, guaranteeing a smooth and satisfying customer experience.

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National Sales Manager

Mary is an experienced sales manager with a background in biology, allowing her to apply a scientific approach to work while fostering meaningful connections with clients.

She is here to make sure you get the best value products.

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Product Manager

Jasmine is an experienced product manager who prioritizes seamless and speedy order delivery, using her exceptional organisational skills.

She is here to make sure you have a hassle-free experience with our products.

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