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We here at resolvingIMAGES have built a reputation for providing high quality and affordable products with reliable backup and service for all of our customers. We pride ourselves on rapid responses to orders and enquiries.


In addition, we have worked to secure exclusivity as Australia and New Zealand distributors of many international biotech manufacturers including but not limited to AID, Mabtech and MyBioSource.


25 years of research experience, led Dr. Jim Apostolopoulos, the Founder of our company to identify a need in the market.


In 2004, he knew the research sector needed a faster and better way to obtain biotech products.


He accomplished this by opening the doors to resolving images. A biotech company which was small enough so that the team knows you personally and understands your requirements while supplying the best equipment and reagents possible.


Since then, we have grown every year and we have maintained our standards. We have and will continue to add to our product list with new suppliers and look forward to getting to know you and your research.


Mary is an experienced sales manager with a background in biology. She is here to make sure you get the best value products.


Our founder and in-house scientist has had 25+ years research experience in Molecular Biology and Immunology and has held several senior University appointments.
He is here to ensure your experiments go as smooth as possible.


Jasmine is an experiences office manager focusing on getting your order to you as quickly, easily and seamlessly.

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